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Journey Into Nyx
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 1 "Seeded" Journey Into Nyx, 2 Journey Into Nyx, 1 Born of the Gods and 2 Theros booster packs.

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Sightless Brawler
Ajani's Presence
Akroan Mastiff
Ephara's Warden
Harvest Guard Alseids
Harvest Guard Alseids
Leonin Snarecaster
Mortal Obstinacy
Nyxborn Shieldmate
Oppressive rays
Oppressive rays
Setessan Battle Priest
Silent Artisan
Supply Line Cranes
Traveling Philosopher
Yoked Ox
Polymorphous Rush
Dakra Mystic
Eternity Snare
Sealock Monster
Aerial Formation
Aqueous Form
Chorus of the Tides
Cloaked Siren
Cloaked Siren
Coastline Chimera
Fate Foretold
Pin to the Earth
Sigiled Starfish
Sigiled Starfish
Sphinx's Disciple
Stymied Hopes
Cutthroat Manuever
Felhide Depetrifier
Aspect of Gorgon
Aspect of Gorgon
Boon of Erebos
Dreadbringer Lampads
Grim Guardian
Pharika's Cude
Pharikas Chosen
Returned Centaur
Returned Reveler
Anger of the Gods
Bearer of the Heavens
Oracle of Bones 
Akroan Linebreaker
Spite of Mogis
Stoneshock Giant
Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass
Epiphany Storm
Flurry of Horns
Lightning Diadem
Messenger's Speed
Pensive Minotaur
Reckless Reveler 
Rise to the Challenge 
Scouring Sands 
Spark Jolt
Spark Jolt
Titan's Strength
Hydra Broodmaster
Colossal Heroics
Nemesis of Mortals
Raised by Wolves 
Solidarity of Heroes
Aspect of Hydra 
Feral Invocation
Kruphix's Insight
Oakheart Dryads
Ravenous Leucrocota
Ravenous Leucrocota
Time to Feed
Xenagos, the Reveler
Akroan Hoplite
Disciple of Deceit
Fanatic of Xenagos
Horizon Chimera
Stormchaser Chimera
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