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Journey Into Nyx
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 1 "Seeded" Journey Into Nyx, 2 Journey Into Nyx, 1 Born of the Gods and 2 Theros booster packs.

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Dawnbringer Charioteers
Dicate of Heliod
Launch the Fleet
Heliod's Emissary
Last Breath
Mortal Obstinacy
Oppressive rays
Oreskos Sun Guide
Oreskos Swiftclaw
Oreskos Swiftclaw
Oreskos Swiftclaw
Setessan Battle Priest
Silent Artisan
Yoked Ox
Aerie Worshippers
Archetype of Imagination
Horizon Scholar
Kiora's Dismissal
Coastline Chimera
Font of Fortunes
Font of Fortunes
Godhunter Octopus
Lost in a Labyinth
Lost in a Labyinth
Retraction Helix
Rise of Eagles
Rise of Eagles
Stratus Walk
Triton Shorestalker
Triton Shorethief
Voyage's End
Pain Seer
Gnarled Scarhide
Ordeal of Erebos
Spiteful Blow
Boon of Erebos
Dreadbringer Lampads
Font of Return
Font of Return
Forsaken Drifters
Nyx Infusion
Returned Reveler
Viper's Kiss
Hammer of Puphoros
Akroan Linebreaker
Cyclops of Eternal Fury
Mogis's Warhound
Bladetusk Boar
Epiphany Storm
Fall of the Hammer 
Fearsome Temper 
Flamespeakers Will
Flurry of Horns
Gluttonous Cyclops
Gluttonous Cyclops
Minotaur Skullcleaver
Pensive Minotaur
Rise to the Challenge 
Rouse the Mob
Satyr Hoplite
Satyr Rambler
Spearpoint Oread
Titan's Strength
Bassara Tower Archer
Nemesis of Mortals
Strength from the Fallen
Unravel the Æther 
Defend the Hearth
Defend the Hearth
Font of Fertility
Mortal's Resolve 
Nature Span Oply
Oakheart Dryads
Oakheart Dryads
Satyr Grove Dancer
Satyr Hedonist
Tymaret, the Murder King
Sentry of the Underworld
Spellheart Chimera
Gold Forged Sentinel
Opaline Unicorn
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