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Journey Into Nyx
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 1 "Seeded" Journey Into Nyx, 2 Journey Into Nyx, 1 Born of the Gods and 2 Theros booster packs.

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Gift of Immortality
Glare of Heresy
Ordeal of Heliod
Tethmos High Priest
Akroan Mastiff
Armament of Nyx
Battlewise Valor
Divine Verdict
Font of Vigor
Lagonna-Band Elder
Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
Mortal Obstinacy
Mortal Obstinacy
Nyxborn Shieldmate
Observant Alseid
Oppressive rays
Scholar of Atheros
Stonewise Fortifier
Stonewise Fortifier
Supply Line Cranes
Wingsteed Rider
Daring Thief
Crystalline Nautilus
Dakra Mystic
Eternity Snare
Pull From the Deep
Triton Cavalry
Chorus of the Tides
Cloaked Siren
Coastline Chimera
Crackling Triton
Evanescent Intellect
Mnemonic Wall
Thassa Devourer
Thassa Devourer
Thassa Devourer
Thassa's Bounty
Triton Shorestalker
Erebos's Emissary
Squelching Leeches
Aspect of Gorgon
Cast Into Darkness
Font of Return
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Grim Guardian
Grisly Transformation
Nyx Infusion
Nyxborn Eidolon
Pharikas Chosen
Warchanter of Mogis
Akroan Linebreaker
Bolt of Keranos
Flamespeakers Will
Nyxborn Rollicker 
Pharagax Giant 
Rouse the Mob
Rouse the Mob
Spearpoint Oread
Two-Headed Cerberus
Pheres-Band Warchief
Hunt the Hunter
Satyr Piper
Swarm Born Giant
Agent of Horizons
Charging Badger 
Commune with the Gods
Feral Invocation
Humble of Mortals
Kruphix's Insight
Nylea's Disciple
Pheres Band Thunderhoof
Ravenous Leucrocota
Atheros, God of Passage
Reap What Is Sown
Heroes’ Podium
Siren Song Lyre
Witches' Eye
Guardians of Meletis
Opaline Unicorn
Temple of Silence
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