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Born of the Gods
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 3 Theros and 3 Born of the Gods booster packs.

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Two-Headed Giant Version (12 boosters)

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Akroan Phalanx
Dauntless Onslaught
Glimpse the Sun God
Akroan Skyguard
Akroan Skyguard
Elite Skirmisher
Ephara's Radiance
Gods Willing
Great Hart
Griffin Dreamfinder
Griffin Dreamfinder
Last Breath
Loyal Pegasus
Mortal's Ardor
Nyxborn Shieldmate
Oreskos Sun Guide
Revoke Existence
Setessan Battle Priest
Wingsteed Rider
Yoked Ox
Arbiter of the Ideal
Archetype of Imagination
Meletis Astronomer
Sealock Monster
Thassa's Emissary
Thassa's Emissary
Triton Tactics
Benthic Giant
Coastline Chimera
Lost in a Labyinth
Mnemonic Wall
Stratus Walk
Stymied Hopes
Herald of Torment
Drown in Sorrow
Claim of Erebos
Felhide Brawler 
Fleshmad Steed
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Nyxborn Eidolon
Pharika's Cude
Viper's Kiss
Weight of the Underworld
Anger of the Gods
Hammer of Puphoros
Ordeal of Purphoros
Epiphany Storm
Fall of the Hammer 
Impetuous Sunchaser 
Kragma Butcher 
Pharagax Giant 
Portent of Betryal
Priest of Iroas
Rise to the Challenge 
Satyr Rambler
Two-Headed Cerberus
Wild Celebrants
Pheres-Band Raiders 
Charging Badger 
Culling Mark 
Defend the Hearth
Satyr Hedonist
Setessan Starbreaker 
Snake of the Golden Grove 
Voyaging Satyr
Ephara, God of Polis
Horizon Chimera
Kiora's Follower
Siren of the Silent Song
Spellheart Chimera
Pyxis of Pandemonium
Flamecast Wheel
Bronze Sable
Guardians of Meletis
Opaline Unicorn
Unknown Shores
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