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Born of the Gods
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 3 Theros and 3 Born of the Gods booster packs.

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Two-Headed Giant Version (12 boosters)

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Brimaz, King of Oreskos
Glimpse the Sun God
Vanguard of Brimaz
Calvary Pegasus
Elite Skirmisher
Great Hart
Griffin Dreamfinder
Lagonna-Band Elder
Last Breath
Mortal's Ardor
Oreskos Sun Guide
Ray of Dissolution
Revoke Existence
Scholar of Atheros
Setessan Griffin
Sealock Monster
Siren of the Fanged Coast
Thassa's Rebuff
Triton Fotune Hunter
Aqueous Form
Benthic Giant
Breaching Hippocamp
Chorus of the Tides
Coastline Chimera
Crackling Triton
Deepwater Hypnotist
Mnemonic Wall
Nyxbord Triton
Nyxbord Triton
Sphinx's Disciple
Sudden Storm
Sudden Storm
Triton Shorethief
Archetype of Finality
Insatiable Harpy
Shrike Harpy
Spiteful Returned 
Blood-Toll Harpy
Claim of Erebos
Claim of Erebos
Felhide Brawler 
Loathsome Catoblepas
Marshmist Titan
Nyxborn Eidolon
Sip of Hemlock
Anger of the Gods
Forgestoker Dragon 
Akroan Conscriptor
Arena Athlete
Peak Eruption
Borderland Minotaur
Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass
Dragon Mantle
Epiphany Storm
Epiphany Storm
Lightning Strike
Minotaur Skullcleaver
Pharagax Giant 
Reckless Reveler 
Two-Headed Cerberus
Hunt the Hunter
Aspect of Hydra 
Commune with the Gods
Defend the Hearth
Nylea's Disciple
Pheres-Band Tromper 
Satyr Hedonist
Savage Surge
Setessan Starbreaker 
Setessan Starbreaker 
Staunch-Hearted Warrior
Voyaging Satyr
Reaper of the Wilds
Chronicler of Heroes
Horizon Chimera
Kragma Warcaller
Akroan Horse
Pillar of War
Bronze Sable
Temple of Plenty
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