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Born of the Gods
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 3 Theros and 3 Born of the Gods booster packs.

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Two-Headed Giant Version (12 boosters)

Card Pool (click cards to add to deck list)
Acolyte's Reward
Favored Hoplite
Ordeal of Heliod
Akroan Skyguard
Elite Skirmisher
Ephara's Radiance
Gods Willing
Great Hart
Griffin Dreamfinder
Griffin Dreamfinder
Loyal Pegasus
Oreskos Sun Guide
Meletis Charlatan
Archetype of Imagination
Thassa's Rebuff
Aqueous Form
Benthic Giant
Deepwater Hypnotist
Evanescent Intellect
Fate Foretold
Floodtide Serpent
Nimbus Naiad
Nyxbord Triton
Prescient Chimera
Thassa's Bounty
Dark Betryal
Rescue from the Underworld
Spiteful Returned 
Claim of Erebos
Felhide Brawler 
Fleshmad Steed
Grisly Transformation
Returned Phalanx
Fated Conflagration 
Satyr Firedancer 
Thunder Brute 
Akroan Crusader
Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass
Deathbellow Raider
Deathbellow Raider
Epiphany Storm
Epiphany Storm
Epiphany Storm
Kragma Butcher 
Nyxborn Rollicker 
Priest of Iroas
Reckless Reveler 
Rise to the Challenge 
Spark Jolt
Spark Jolt
Nessian Wilds Ravager 
Artisan's Sorrow
Karametra's Acolyte
Mischief and Mayhem 
Nemesis of Mortals
Unravel the Æther 
Defend the Hearth
Mortal's Resolve 
Nessian Courser
Nylea's Disciple
Nylea's Presnce
Pheres-Band Centaurs
Setessan Starbreaker 
Snake of the Golden Grove 
Voyaging Satyr
Voyaging Satyr
Voyaging Satyr
Vulpine Goliath
Vulpine Goliath
Destructive Revelry
Colossus of Akros
Gorgon's Head
Traveler's Amulet
Traveler's Amulet
Temple of Mystery
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