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Born of the Gods
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 3 Theros and 3 Born of the Gods booster packs.

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Two-Headed Giant Version (12 boosters)

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Gift of Immortality
Akroan Phalanx
Dauntless Onslaught
Heliod's Emissary
Elite Skirmisher
Gods Willing
Griffin Dreamfinder
Hold at Bay
Hopeful Eidolon
Loyal Pegasus
Nyxborn Shieldmate
Observant Alseid
Oreskos Sun Guide
Ray of Dissolution
Traveling Philosopher
Vortex Elemental
Deepwater Hypnotist
Evanescent Intellect
Nyxbord Triton
Sphinx's Disciple
Stratus Walk
Sudden Storm
Thassa's Bounty
Voyage's End
Dark Betryal
Boon of Erebos
Cavern Lampad
Cavern Lampad
Claim of Erebos
Felhide Brawler 
Fleshmad Steed
Forsaken Drifters
Loathsome Catoblepas
March of the Returned
Returned Phalanx
Felhide Spiritbinder 
Satyr Firedancer 
Coordinated Assault
Pinnacle of Rage 
Purphoros's Emissary
Satyr Nyx-Smith 
Akroan Crusader
Bolt of Keranos
Borderland Minotaur
Borderland Minotaur
Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass
Fall of the Hammer 
Ill-Tempered Cyclops
Impetuous Sunchaser 
Minotaur Skullcleaver
Minotaur Skullcleaver
Nyxborn Rollicker 
Pharagax Giant 
Scouring Sands 
Scouring Sands 
Spark Jolt
Anthousa, Setessan Hero
Archetype of Endurance
Nylea's Emissary
Aspect of Hydra 
Culling Mark 
Leafcrown Dryad
Nylea's Disciple
Nylea's Presnce
Nyxborn Wolf 
Satyr Hedonist
Snake of the Golden Grove 
Staunch-Hearted Warrior
Battlewise Hoplite
Pharika's Mender
Siren of the Silent Song
Heroes' Podium
Pyxis of Pandemonium
Flamecast Wheel
Gorgon's Head
Opaline Unicorn
Traveler's Amulet
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