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Born of the Gods
Sealed Pool Generator

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This program creates a randomly generated pool of 3 Theros and 3 Born of the Gods booster packs.

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Two-Headed Giant Version (12 boosters)

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Fated Retribution
Plea for Guidance
Favored Hoplite
Glare of Heresy
Battlewise Valor
Divine Verdict
Ephara's Radiance
Great Hart
Hold at Bay
Hold at Bay
Mortal's Ardor
Oreskos Sun Guide
Scholar of Atheros
Yoked Ox
Aerie Worshippers
Horizon Scholar
Ordeal of Thassa
Coastline Chimera
Deepwater Hypnotist
Evanescent Intellect
Fate Foretold
Fate Foretold
Floodtide Serpent
Nyxbord Triton
Nyxbord Triton
Retraction Helix
Stymied Hopes
Thassa's Bounty
Voyage's End
Wavecrash Triton
Whip of Erebos
Bile Blight
Asphodel Wanderer
Blood-Toll Harpy
Boon of Erebos
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Grisly Transformation
Pharika's Cude
Returned Phalanx
Servant of Tymaret
Weight of the Underworld
Archetype of Aggression
Coordinated Assault
Thunderous Might 
Akroan Crusader
Fearsome Temper 
Kragma Butcher 
Pharagax Giant 
Scouring Sands 
Titan's Strength
Boon Satyr
Graverobber Spider 
Ordeal of Nylea
Agent of Horizons
Agent of Horizons
Culling Mark 
Defend the Hearth
Leafcrown Dryad
Mortal's Resolve 
Mortal's Resolve 
Pheres-Band Tromper 
Satyr Hedonist
Satyr Wayfinder 
Setessan Oathsworn 
Setessan Starbreaker 
Setessan Starbreaker 
Staunch-Hearted Warrior
Time to Feed
Voyaging Satyr
Voyaging Satyr
Chronicler of Heroes
Fanatic of Xenagos
Spellheart Chimera
Colossus of Akros
Siren Song Lyre
Springleaf Drum
Witches' Eye
Guardians of Meletis
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